Weby is the hot news for 2013 in the world of high visibility accessories.

A weave of threads forms a unique and distinctive spider’s web of fashion (Weby) .

The full potential is seen when illuminated by the headlights of a vehicle or any other light source, drawing the attention of onlookers under conditions of low ambient lighting.

The garment, with its weave of reflective strips, is structured so it does not cover the clothing completely but, on the contrary, manages to highlight every movement of the figure .

Hence the question:

Be seen, or be noticed?

The idea comes from the need to wear clothing that brings together safety and simplicity, made unique by the unmistakable expressive touch of MADE IN ITALY.

Its distinctive underground style, ideal for those who love moving around town with zero environmental impact, is a product of the synergy of experiences, ideas and handiwork of a group of Italian professionals working in the areas of cycling, design and fashion.

The project has been developed by a team of individuals who have combined their experiences gained in a variety of industries. It is backed up by thorough market research, scrupulous material selection and intuitive product branding that has allowed us to achieve our primary objective. We now aim to make it the point of reference for supporters of travelling around town with zero impact on the environment.

But for us this is just the beginning…

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